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Made in Paris with love and some late nights.

About Us
Miguel about Ilze

How could I describe Ilze? I can start with some stuff you surely know already, that she’s from Latvia, has a masters in marketing and is mad about languages.

Next, let’s see some other details that maybe are new to you. For example, she comes from a huge family (11 brothers and sisters) and they always get together in the holidays (30 people or more). My theory is that precisely because of this she’s become such a good cook (up to the point of doing like my grandma: she “feels” the quantities she needs to use without a receipt). Her latest challenge? A full-fledge “patisserie” class in Paris. If you come visit, ask her for an “éclair”!

Also, because she’s used to not sitting down for a minute, she also likes going to sport often (and dragging me along) to feel active and fit.

Ah, and she’s been a consummate traveler for quite a while: she already wanted to learn Spanish and to visit Mexico even before she met me. Speaking about Spanish, if you hear her make a small  mistake when she speaks, that’s my fault: I think she sounds cuter that way :)
Ilze about Miguel

I think that, even though Miguel is quite the international guy and lives in Paris, in the bottom of his heart he’s a typical Spaniard: he likes to take life easy and teaching me to do the same (it’s hard, but I’m trying!), eating a lot and well, going out to dance salsa, etc. Enjoying life, in a word.

He also likes to read, regardless of where he is or what he’s doing – that’s why some friends call him Wikipedia.

He is the older brother in a family of 4 from Asturias (from Gijón!).  Although most of his family lives in Gijón, he grew up in Madrid, where his closest family lives: his parents, brother, and also his aunt Cami. Kike, Miguel’s brother, is four years yougner and the best-man in our wedding. 

He went to the Deutsche Schule Madrid (that’s where he learnt German!) and then studied “teleco”. Like the clever guy he is, he had no trouble to go abroad to study and work: US, China or Germany. That helped him with his languages, and also to meet a lot of new people, and in particular a foreign girl in Germany… ;)
Ilze’s version
It was august 2008. I was doing an internship at Siemens in Munich. More precisely, it was Friday afternoon, and I was coming back to my student dormitory together with Katja, a good friend from my university who had come over for the weekend. Downstairs in the dorm’s hall we crossed two guys… none of them Miguel! 

They tried to convince us to come down to a cellar party to celebrate that one of them had just finished his thesis. Actually, we weren’t too hard to convince - I was new in Munich and eager to meet new people. So, we both went downstairs and… that was it, a cellar party full of guys!!! 

Mhm… actually that’s an interesting party. So we joined them. 
And then one of them said that he was Spanish. Spanish? Perfect! I want to practice some Spanish! AND he danced salsa, spoke German and was very insistent. So, we somehow started dating, at the beginning thinking that it would be just for a short while…
Our story together
Miguel’s version
I guess it was actually inevitable that Ilze and I meet during a trip. A trip to Salzburg, to be more precise. Or a trip to Munich, if you want to start at the beginning.
See, I was in Munich for 6 months, and after two weeks vacationing in Greece, ready to show all German girls my tan. However, that wasn’t going to be easy at the cellar party I found myself in on the last Friday of August: 8 guys, 1 girl – and a colleague’s girlfriend to boot.
In this context, the arrival of two unsuspecting (female) neighbours was very welcome news! Even though they didn’t stay for long, I got to talk with one (“Pretty-smile” was her name in my head), and they told us they were going to Salzburg the following day!
Armed with this opportunity, we braved sleeping 6 hours (on a saturday!) and a 2-hour train ride to go join them in Austria – even if it was just for coffee. And so, on the return trip, Pretty-smile/Ilze and I got to speak a little bit more, I learnt were she came from, said the only thing I knew about her country (“I read a book with ‘Riga’ in the title!”), and got her number.
It would take a little more time and quite a few trips (including a very special one to Nürnberg) to get together, but trust me, in the end it all worked out fine.

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Miguel and his family: Leo, Enrique (Kike) and Juanjo

Ilze and her family

Brothers and sisters: Ernests, Jānis, Baiba, Marija,  Kintija, Katrīna, Līvija, Teodors, Lucija & Elfrīda-Elza.

Parents: Juris and Inita

(Those in bold appear in the picture)