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We know that traveling to Latvia is already a significant effort, particularly for those of you who live the farthest away. Thus, we want to insist that, for us, your company is really the best possible gift.

We want our wedding to be a good opportunity to celebrate all together, and we don’t have neither large debts nor much space in our apartment, so  don’t feel any compromise to bring or send us a present (beyond the occasional flower for the bride on the big day).

If, despite all of the above, you’re still decided to offer us something, we have compiled a list of some nice things we like and that would come us handy:

A brief comment on how the registry works: to make it easier for all guests, it just collects your donation and sends it to us. We’ll then take care of buying the present, putting it to good use and giving you thanks!

PS: If you have a great idea that’s not in the list, that is fine as well! Just keep in mind that from Latvia we’re only checking-in one piece of luggage to go on our honeymoon! If your gift is larger than an envelope, it’s much easier to send it to us in Paris: Ilze Tolpeznikova & Miguel Alvarez, 11 rue Ginoux, 75015, Paris, France.http://ilzeandmiguel.zankyou.comshapeimage_1_link_0
Wedding Registry

Made in Paris with love and some late nights.

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